Martin Gustavsson : In No Particular Order

In No Particular Order (2009-Ongoing)

Martin Gustavsson is a painter fascinated by process, by interrogation and enquiry. His paintings explore formal technique, and express an endless curiosity about the nature of paint, the history of the form and its relevance.

Running through this practice is a sense of playfulness, and this is particularly represented with In No Particular Order, a mammoth series of works created over a number of years in an everexpanding tableau. The artist is interested in undermining hierarchies, within art forms and in art history, and this work attests to that. The paintings are hung, grid-like and in a random order. They exist as one mass, or individually, or in small sets - the viewer can decide how many pieces go together and in what order. There is an irreverance in this process; as the grid can be dismantled rearranged, reassembled; and in this action we see contemporary imagery side-by-side with more classical forms, to challenge, enhance, upset and mock each other.

The series has been seen in a number of acclaimed museum exhibitions internationally, including at the Göteborg Art Museum, Nordnorska Festspelen, Harstad and the Guildhall Gallery in London.


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