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JUST THE TIPS: Portraits by Jacqui Potato

Kreativ House and Curator Ryan Lanji present JUST THE TIPS: Portraits by East London’s infamous drag queen Jacqui Potato. Jacqui Potato (Julian Smith) is not only a DJ and a pillar of drag community but also a seasoned pattern cutter and has been working with london’s biggest Fashion Designers for over the past fifteen years. In 2016, Julian found himself with a pack of his niece’s felt-tip pens and as he describes it ‘…was really bored’ and wanted to be creative. After scrolling through his social media he decided to draw some of his long time friends, colleagues and collaborators in what has now manifested itself as an undeniable time capsule of the East London LGBTQ scene.

The naive quality of the felt-tip pen energises each portrait and combined with the laid-back and naturally trashy style of Potato’s gaze makes the lines and shading of the pieces electric and entertaining. Julian as of yet has not captured everyone he desires, but the thirty-plus illustrations range from a mosaic of East London’s icons and even ‘fresh faces’ who collaborate and party at London’s infamous watering hole The Glory Pub and the destination club night Sink the Pink.


Exhibition Run: 8th March 2018 - 22nd April
Exhibition Hours: Monday - Friday 10 - 5pm

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Kreativ House, 280 Mare st E8 1HE

Photographs by William Pine