Brand Event

Wild Fizz Kombucha Workshop

Kombucha, you say? Well it's a delicious, refreshing, organic, raw sparkling tea that's gaining global popularity. So, we thought it would be a good idea to team up with the crew behind Wild Fizz Kombucha who are based in London and host a Kombucha making workshop at Kreativ House.

We scooped, kneaded, poured, mixed, flavoured and tasted along the masterclass journey to create our own 'Booch'! It was delightful and the smells where amazing. We each bottled a few jars of Booch and have to sit tight for about 2-3 days to let the fermentation process finish. We where told that the way to see if our booch is ready is to burp them! That means opening the lid. If there is a wild fizzing sound and bubbles appear in the bottle it might be ready. If the fizz escalates and goes all over the place, you left it too long and you’ll need some time to clean up booch from the floor. If nothing happens, fear not, it just needs more time! So put it back and wait a bit more.

We're planning more Booch masterclasses with the Wild Fizz crew so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook or Instagram.