Gallery Exhibition


Julia Fraile-Rollando is ROLLVNDO. Born in 1991, Brittany, France, ROLLVNDO is a mixed media artist living and practising in London, United Kingdom. Taking inspiration from popular and contemporary culture, ROLLVNDO’s work evokes a sense of lyricism and raw beauty. By ripping images and mixed media from magazines, books and other found objects, ROLLVNDO explores the poetry and process of creating a new object from something pre-existing. Escaping from reality, both the artist and the viewer find themselves projected into ROLLVNDO’s works.

Partnering with Kreativ House, Diamond Sea is ROLLVNDO’s first solo exhibition. Diamond Sea is an exploration of the self and the many facets of the soul. Taking inspiration from the Sonic Youth song The Diamond Sea, ROLLVNDO invites the viewer to look inside the work to discover oneself through fleeting self-reflection. The mirrored surfaces embedded within the collages reflect and catch the layered and ripped images, posing the question; are you gazing out from within, or are you looking in from the outer edge? Either way, your distorted profile becomes part of the work for the brief moment that you stand in front of it, but as soon as you leave, your features will be replaced by someone else. Similarly, Miroir entices with your own apparition, as it captures and projects the many different versions of yourself. The mirror and the reflective surface has always posed a question of vanity, self-absorption and the ideals of beauty. Stared at for too long, just like Narcissus, your own reflection will claim you.

Time takes its crazy toll
And how does your mirror grow
You better watch yourself when you jump into it
Cause the mirror's gonna steal your soul

 Blood crystallized as sand
And now I hope you'll understand
You reflected into his looking glass soul
And now the mirror is your only friend