Restore and Nourish Day Retreat

As the winter evenings drew in and moods drop like the leaves off the trees, we welcomed a group of wonderful people into Kreativ House to reframe their Autumn minds. The Restore and nourish day retreat was pure nourishment and restoration for the body and mind. Drinking tea, building community, yoga, meditation, massage and mindful eating all combined to help guests detox their bodies and minds.

Pip Roberts guided guests through a sequence to work with the seasonal energies of the large intestine and lungs, helping the body to breathe and eliminate what no longer serves... physically, mentally, emotionally. Let go as the practices slows from flow to find stillness in yin, just as nature does at this time.

Ollie from Mission LDN who understands that when you’re busy, tired and have limited time, it’s easy to grab food from the nearest location or default to a takeaway or ‘healthy’ ready meal without considering what is the most nutritious option for you. During Ollie’s workshop, guests learnt how to choose meals that nourish them and support their energy levels throughout the day, as well as manage cravings more effectively.

Using natural oils Jade Jasmin guided guests through a self-face massage routine on how to improve the appearance of their skin and keep it nourished through the change in seasons. Jade taught guests a step by step routine, so easy they where be able to do it at home, leaving them with improved tone and texture.

Guests finished the retreat day by nourishing their minds as Rachael Welford guided guests through a Reiki activated sound and meditation journey. By tuning into whats safe for them to release now, allowing each person to re-program bad habits, negative thoughts, and re-imprint positive affirmations helping to increase self-esteem.