An independent future forward dynamic work space dedicated to the creative and curious.  

Who we are

We provide design-led flexible office studios and co-working to creative businesses searching for a more personal, grown-up space to build their business in. We deliver market leading front of house services so you can confidently host your clients and better communicate your brands identity.

The team behind Kreativ House champion an ethos firmly founded in supporting emerging global talent. Its founders Simon and Gus want to ensure that every House member sees a portion of their membership reinvested in the art, culture and music events run at Kreativ House every day. We are just like you.

What we offer

  • Design-led spaces, with customisation options.
  • Private offices ranging from 1 person to teams of 40.
  • 20 minutes to Liverpool Street.
  • 30 minutes to Oxford Circus.
  • A social events program that is more intimate and organic.
  • An on-site fully equipped professional photography studio.
  • Modern staff amenities including showers and bike storage.
  • A dynamic health and wellbeing program run by our lovely residents Jade and Rachael.

We are independent and we support emerging global talent.

Work space

In a competitive creative part of the city that sometimes pushes people out, we ground individuals, teams and businesses where it matters most – a dynamic creative space customised for you.


Partnering with Kreativ House, Diamond Sea is ROLLVNDO’s first solo exhibition. Diamond Sea is an exploration of the self and the many facets of the soul.


Join the next generation of emerging talent. The new thinkers, creators, leaders and shapers of tomorrow.

Tour your new work space

Complimentary coffee from Ozone Coffee Roasters or Tea from Whittard of Chelsea with every tour booked. We love meeting new people and interesting businesses so get in touch below to book a tour with our lovely team and see you in the house!


Kreativ House is ultra well connected to the City, Shoreditch and the West End, whilst affording its members a peaceful morning commute, high quality independent cafes and restaurants and the lifestyle boutiques East London is famous for.

The building facade is west facing, meaning every office is drenched in afternoon natural light with unrestricted views of the recently refurbished Hackney Town Hall Gardens. Situated immediately next door the Hackney Picturehouse, any midday movie craving is readily satisfied.

Location highlights:

  • 18 minutes to Liverpool Street
  • 25 minutes to Oxford Circus
  • Walking distance to London Fields and Broadway Market
  • Burberry, Nike and Matches Fashion stores within a 5 minute walk
  • Next door to Hackney Picturehouse
  • Multiple bus routes from Hackney Town hall


Ranging from exhibitions with emerging artists, a dynamic health and well-being program, intimate live music shows and wine tastings. We keep it tightly curated to bring our members the best selection of talent and brands.

Browse our event calendar or click the button below to explore more


Hang out with some of our residents.

Casey Sorenson

Founder at Kroswells


Aperol Spritz on tap - what more needs to be said. Casey founded Kroswells to fulfill the need for premium draught cocktails. Producing carbonated cocktails and mixed drinks “on-tap”, eliminating lengthy processes and exceeding the demands of those thirsty consumers.

"Inspired by our namesake, we set out to create something equally significant regarding cocktails, and in 2017 Kroswells was born. Changing the face of the drinks industry as you know it…".

Kev Williams



Kev Williams is a professional landscape and interiors photographer based in London. With a skill for capturing the perfect composition and light, Williams’ photographs are featured extensively on camera companies’ socials such as ZEISS and Canon.

Williams is undertaking a photography residency at Kreativ House, a collaboration built around utilising a physical space as a platform to extend his business and network from, as well as sharing creativity with others.

Kev is one of the resident photographers at Kreativ House.

Jade Jasmin

Wellbeing Consultant & Holistic Therapist 

Jade Jasmin was founded to create a space for people to relax, take time out doing things that make them happy. I spent over five years working in creative, busy roles in music, marketing, management and events and became acutely aware of the physical and emotional impact of these hectic industries and stressful job roles. I made the move in to wellness to help redress my own balance, and now receive great joy in helping others find theirs. 

I have teamed up with Welford Wellbeing to curate a varied and full wellbeing program for Kreativ House. This collaboration was born to ensure members have access to a work, wellbeing program to achieve balance, leading to better health, higher productivity and generally feeling good!