Kreativ House

Creative workspaces

for every sized dream.

Kreativ House is a thoughtfully designed and independently run workspace that supports a collective community of small businesses and emerging talent.

A place where your dreams meet reality.

We explored the globe gathering the best workspace elements to create you a place that's in sync with your team and clients. From Australia's healthy lifestyle to Scandinavia's ultra-model minimalism design then across London for the best craft beers to stock your fridge.

A space that you can call your own.

No one knows your dream better than you. So, we’ll work with you to customise your workspace so that it matches the way you, your team and your clients like to work.

Centred on community.

Come explore why our members benefit from the experiences, workspaces, personalised services and opportunities that are fostered at Kreativ House. A house that is full of new ideas and unique individuals. A place for the creative and curious in film, design, fashion, branding, architecture and the arts.


Explore some of the exciting things our members and community are getting up to at Kreativ House!